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It is the best investment I’ve made in a long time

Hello, here's how I realized there was a problem.
One day I smelled my dog's odor in the house. I immediately went over to the Vortex and noticed it was not functioning correctly. I
returned this device a few days ago and I had a replacement within a week! A service rep named Lydia called and left me a message saying it was being shipped out and I would be
receiving it within 3 days. What great customer service! And let me tell you I really missed not having it for that week. It is the best investment I've made in a long time. I tell everyone I talk
to about my air cleaner. It is absolutely the best thing I've done for myself and my family. I plugged it in as soon as it arrived and now my house smells clean again. Deodorizers mask
odors and sprays can be overpowering and ineffective. Thank you so much for a great product and great customer service. A very satisfied customer.

— Lillian B.

Your Vortex VI3500 is a lifesaver to me.

I used to wake up with a clogged throat, nasal drips, and felt I would some nights choke in my sleep. I coughed up heavy phlegm every morning. Now I place the Vortex close to my head about 16 inches, and wake up with a clear throat and no phlegm.

— Apolonia G.

I have not been sick in years and years

Home In recovery now. DRs said I should recover In 2-3 weeks.
Crawled over and I.E.D., took some shrapnel and Injured my "tympanic membrane" whatever that means.

All my gear got sent back to the states, EXCEPT a small pouch with my air supply and a knife. I have used my tiny punfler LITERALLY every day for years and years. 17 countries, 41 states and on the U.S.S.S. Bush, as a NTO.

Whenever I get the cash I will get a new unit for sure. I have not been sick in years and years. Been is REALLY nasty places and did fine.
IT REALLY WORKS! Thank you for a great product! Best gift I ever got. Eating REAL pizza for the first time in, I don't even remember when. Funny how you miss the little things

I am done with the Marines in less then a year now. If I ever save up I will get that new house if I can afford it. Wanna make sure the baby gets clean air. God she Is cute
Just an E-7 Gunny.

Semper Fl

— David M.

I would recommend it to all my customers with respiratory problems

I am writing this letter to commend you on the excellent products you have produced over the last several years. Our company has sold the Personal Air Purifier to thousands of customers and the
satisfaction rate has been overwhelmingly positive. They have reported noticeable improvement in the air quality around their desks, in restaurants, hair salons, and many other scenarios.

I personally carry two PAF's with me at all times. They are particularly helpful on planes and when I am driving in my car. On one occasion, my wife forgot her PAF and as a result, acquired a respiratory infection from someone on the plane. The PAF does an excellent job, and I recommend it to all my customers with respiratory problems and to anyone concerned with indoor air quality.

Keep up the good work.
Yours in health.

— Roy S.

Since I have used the Air Supply all of my symptoms have unproved greatly

Allergies have plagued me since early childhood. Sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes and consequently poor sleep have made my life miserable.

Last month I purchased a Wein Air Supply from a Brookstone store in Palm desert, CA. My wife and I own a condo in La Quinta and the various pollens and blowing sand have made it most unpleasant for me. Since I have used the Air Supply all of my symptoms have unproved greatly. Whenever I experience any allergic symptoms I immediately attach the Air Supply and in a few minutes they're gone. Since it is so light, when necessary. I'm able to sleep with it around my neck with no discomfort. It's made a big difference in my life. I am delighted with the results. I've recommended Air Supply to my Doctor and several friends.

— Dan M.

Purchasing my first Air Supply unit was one of the best decisions I ever made

Having been diagnosed with asthma, emphysema and COPD air travel has, in the past, been very difficult for me. Inevitably, if I was seated in 2B and someone in 34E coughed, I would end up with a respiratory ailment.... a bad cold at best.
Purchasing my first Air Supply unit was one of the best decisions I ever made and certainly the most beneficial to my health. Frankly speaking, at a thousand dollars it would have been a bargain because since I began traveling with the Air Supply I have yet to experience any type of problem after flying. I have purchased 7 units over the past two years as my wife and I not only have one each, plus a spare for us, I have given the others away as gifts to people I care about. In fact I am ordering another half dozen because I think a gift that improves
someone's quality of life is a special gift indeed. I offer you my sincere gratitude for improving my quality of life.

— George H.

They have kept a 96 year old out of the hospital

Have wanted a personal air purifier for years, so finally purchased one for me! Have bought 3 for my dad's 96 year old girl friend. They have kept her out of the hospital for 3 years. We cannot thank you enough!!

— Cindy D.

Restoring my faith and the possibility that someone still cares about their work.

Imagine my surprise when my new l50MM arrived in the mall yesterday... free of charge. Why was I surprised? Because I've just spent the last few weeks being disappointed time and again by my cable company, phone company, auto mechanic and all the other people and organizations who are happy to take my money, but rarely provide the goods or services they've promised.
Clearly, Wein belongs In a category by itself.

Not only are your products excellent, but apparently you're also willing to stand behind them and make sure they deliver what was promised. I thank you for restoring my faith and the possibility that someone still cares about their work.

Happy Holidays!

— Kevin M.

I feel it has kept me out of the hospital for 3 years

Thank you so much for your usual prompt attention in getting the replacement Air Supply unit to me. I haven't been out of the house since the other one went on the blink. I received the replacement this morning. Before I got the unit shipped, I went to the dentist's office. By June 29 I was in the hospital for 16 days (there was a lady there sneezing and coughing) and I am still not over whatever I caught from her/his patients there. That taught me to never go anywhere without this unit because I feel it has kept me out of the hospital for 3 years prior to the June incident. If this one goes on the blink or just wears out, I will be yelling for you real loud.
Gosh, you're the greatest!

— Billie L.

What a relief to be able to enter doctors offices and stores, all without an asthma attack

I was given one of your Minimates, to try out, and wow, what a relief to be able to enter doctors offices and stores, all without an asthma attack, would like more information to be able to get a reserve, and more batteries.
Thank you!

— Ruth L.

What a great company!

I cant help but spread the word about how great of a company this is and how much your products help me.

— Louis D.

Happy with your air purifiers

I am writing to let you know how happy I am with the products I have from your company. I own several Minimates and have just purchased an air purifier Vl-3500. I am allergic to whatever chemicals are being used in various perfumes and these products have made my life so much better!

Thank you very much for producing these items.

— Katherine O.

I am very satisfied

Good morning,
I am writing to you because I have tried your products (Vortex Vi-2500 and Vortex Vi-3500) and I am very satisfied. I live in Switzerland, in the bottom of the valley in a very busy area, the concentrations of PM 2.5 and PM 10 sometime are very high.

I turned on your Vortex Vi-3500 in a room and with my fine dust meter I noticed a clear reduction of the concentration of these particles in the room. I am a civil engineer and I would advise my customers to install your product to improve the quality of the air they breathe.

— Nahel B.

This is God send!

This is God send!
Working in a building and there is no ventilation, peoples perfumes and some of my coworkers ...dusty, filthy,

This will help my day.

— Elizabeth E.

I am very happy with the AS300R and highly recommend it.

I've used the original Wein Air purifier model AS-1500B for many years and
it still works perfectly fine.
The latest new model AS-300R that I purchased recently is about 1.5 times
smaller than AS-1500B, has rechargeable battery, silent (AS-1500B produced
some noise), seems to provide stronger output that I can feel at 18-20 cm
(7-8 inches) distance from the nose and looks so cute.
I got about 25 hours (during 3 weeks intermittent usage), close to the
claimed figure. It will probably increase after a few full recharges.

Note that Wein Air Purifiers are not negative ion generators. They purify
air by destructing pathogens with corona discharge and streaming purified
air to the nose. They are supposed to produce some ozone but emission of
ozone is minimal. I am sensitive to ozone and I could feel a bit of ozone
smell keeping old model close to the nose. However, I can't smell ozone
keeping the new model just next to the nose (I believe the recommended
distance from the nose is 15 - 20 cm or 6-8 inches).

I am very happy with AS-300R and highly recommend it.

— Boris G.

Makes my life livable.

This is my second Air Supply. It makes my life Livable!

— Marjorie F. P.

I love your products

I love your products and I have used them for year.. in the Brazil tropics for mold. Ecuador for toxic air in the cities, Hawaii for the volcanic fog, California in the Spring for pollen.. not to mention fabulous for travel.. buses, plains and cars.. wherever crowds gather or are confined.

— Phoenix

14 years and still working!

I have been using model AS-150 for years. Originally I purchased a Mini-Mate to make air travel more pleasant as I have an acute sense of smell and it helped counteract perfumes, etc.
Then I noticed that it eliminated my post-airplane journey congestion. As a result I never travel without it — in any situation where I am stuck in an enclosed space with strangers.

Thank you for your research and your reliable product.

— Muriel E.

Held up well for over 20 years

Just ordered another Minimate by phone. My old one is over 20 years old. I bought it in the late 1990s -- tired of getting sick after practically every air flight. It's held up well over the years, better than another brand I had as well. So this new one is a gift for my husband. Thanks for a fine product.

— Shiela S.

So I appreciate your innovative research and development!

We have 3 of your original MiniMate Personal Air Purifiers, that we purchased in the late 90's that are still working perfectly! So appreciate your innovative research and development!

— B.R, NC

Long time user

Long time user. Still have my original Mini-Mate for over 25 years.

— Sheila S.

No more sickness and allergy.

I been using Minimate Personal Ionic air purifier for so long. Every time we travel especially on the plane where most of the time we got sick after the trip due to airplane viruses, I noticed that after purchasing my Minimate Air Purifier ..... No more sickness and allergy. Thank you "WEIN PRODUCTS" for making our travel more enjoyable and memorable for keeping us healthy.

— Emily C.

It is great! I use it when I travel and while at work. I highly recommend.

I’ve had the battery powered Wein Mini Mate since 2006. The battery powered one still works at 14 years old, but I have been going thru a ton of batteries from using it more often, and the case was cracked from me dropping it. It was time for a new upgrade. I decided to try the rechargeable AS-300R. It is great! I use it when I travel and while at work. I highly recommend.

— C.H.

My Coughing Issue Ceased, Period, End of Story.

I purchased a Vortex VI 3500 Environmental ionic air cleaner about 2-3 years ago, hopeful that it would help solve a problem I had in my home office space for 10 years. In the afternoons, when the sun would stream in the big windows that face west, I would develop a cough that plagued me – particularly when I was trying to talk on the phone – which is a lot. I suspected some particulates were causing the problem: dust, etc. and tried a couple of air cleaner devices which did not help. Some years ago I had an ionic air filter in my home in Annapolis, Maryland and remembered how much stuff it would collect. Anyway, I purchased your product, plugged it in, and that very day my coughing issue ceased. Period, end of story. It has never returned. The area in which I live (Cache Valley, Utah) is at a high altitude, and has an arid climate – very little rain – and it tends to be dusty. Your Vortex VI conquered the climate and the particulate matter in the air that troubled me for so long.

Thank you so much for manufacturing an excellent product. I am moving to Boston in a couple of weeks, and the Vortex Vi will be going in the vanguard of items I am shipping. If I can ever provide a more formal testimonial, please don’t hesitate to ask. I would be pleased to provide such support.

— Ernest B.

I love mine.

I love mine. Since I purchased one I have never gotten sick following air
travel all around the world. Would definitely recommend. I now have the
rechargeable model and really love this one. No worries about running out of
battery on a trip. So happy I own one

— Sherry A.

Very Satisfied

"Very fast delivery. From USA to EU in just a couple of weeks. I thought than it would be problem with charger but it is ok (it is from 110V to 230V, you need just the adapter). And And effect of Purifier was instant. I'm allergic to pollen and I also have problem with asthma at that time. And I did not use any medication for asthma since arrival. Don't know if this is all in my had, and it doesn't matter at all. Very satisfied."

— UK

Love it!

I just got my Rechargeable AS300R and love it!

— Nancy C.
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