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Filterless Ionic Air Purification System

Air Purification System APS-100

Personal Air Purifiers
$416.95 $333.56

Stay protected 24/7 with our complete line of filterless portable ionic air purification products, for your home, car, washroom, and person. Our bundled air purification system helps protect you against harmful pollutants at home and wherever you travel. Zero to low maintenance and ready to work right out of the box. Get fully covered at a 20% discount!

Automate™ AS1250B Vehicle Ionic Air Purifier

Automate™ Ionic Air Purifier AS1250B

Car Air Purifiers

Take charge of your personal breathing zone in your vehicle with the Automate™ 12 volt cigarette lighter plug-in. Helps remove road pollutants from interior air in vehicle including exhaust fumes, road dust, bacteria, mold spores, allergens, cigarette smoke and more. Simply plug it in for cleaner, healthier air.