Wein Products is Pleased to Announce the Introduction of Covidex Coming Soon!

Wein Products is Pleased to Announce the Introduction of Covidex Coming Soon!

Covidex table top electrodynamic plasma virus remover and air cleaner, available first quarter 2021

Virologists believe Viruses are transmitted to others in sneezes and coughs and even normal breathing and talking.  These exchanges can release large short range droplets containing viruses greater than 10 microns in aerodynamic diameter, and also release much longer range semi evaporated smaller droplets called droplet nuclei which are semi desiccated evaporated droplets less than 10 microns. These droplets can become airborne depending on prevailing air drafts. Fomites which can also land on surfaces that are touched and find their way onto mucous membranes in the mouth nose and eyes.

Depending on air currents which can cause reintrainment of fromites on surfaces into the air; these aprticles are the most worrisome, as transmission is long range airborne droplet nuclei that can remain airborne indefinitely and travel though air ducts and throughout a facility. Virologists presently think that the Coronavirus COVID -19 is also airborne.

The Covidex table top plasma room virus concentration reducer and air cleaner is here to save the day! 

The Covidex operates 24/7, under 50 watts, and silently vacuums room virus, bacteria, mold spores, and toxic allergenic pollutants and contaminants. These particles pass  through a very intense plasma chamber of 13.5 trillion ions per cc, ozone dissociated into singlet oxygen reactive oxygen species, intense ionizing wind, and electron impact  decomposition. The air flow then transits a super efficient ozone catalyst exit grill. Ozone levels are below .05 parts per million with fanless, noiseless, electrodynamic airflow of greater than 200 CFM.

Covidex is a technology whose time has come as a weapon against airborne viruses and droplet transmission by coughing, sneezing, talking, and exhalation. Covidex lowers the concentration of toxic and infectious respiratory challenges in the air we breathe and thereby lowers the risk of inhalation according to respiratory protection authorities.

Preliminary Specifications:

  1. Attractive ABS plastic aesthetic table top cabinet.
  2. 50 watt continuous service dc universal worldwide adapter.
  3. Dim 14" x 12" x 6".
  4. Internal high efficiency  permanent ozone catalytic grill.
  5. Ozone output less than .05 twa ppm.
  6. wt. 7 pounds
  7. Fanless silent electrodynamic ionic wind.
  8. Suggested retail $450.


Covidex electrodynamic technology is not a conventional electrostatic air purifier!

It is much more than that!  Firstly the technology has been designed specifically to combat microbes, including airborne bacterial mold spores and especially viruses of all kinds including the Coronavirus (SARS MERS and COVID-19). This is done by targeting their aerodynamic size ranges of .01 to 20 microns and depends on if they are desiccated or in droplet form. There are no mechanical fans or noise but pure soundless laminar air flow streaming out of the COVIDEX. Noise and beating fans stir up dust and further exacerbate virus dispersal and can reentrant virus deposited on surfaces into the air making them airborne.

After years of  innovative research and development, Wein Products has invented a silent air-motor that produces laminal air flow to drive room circulation through our 13.5 trillion ions per cubic centimeter, 20KV plasma chamber, which can destroy most virus and bacteria continuously with every air exchange.

The Covidex also produces a safe level of ozone. There is no known virus that ozone cannot destroy. Using ozone is much better than UV light, as it is not line of sight, and creeps into every crevice. Ozone has also been shown to be one of the best oxidizers known to man.

Ozone is heavier than ambient air and sinks to the floor to increased concentration; this destroys or inactivates droplet containing viruses (that also sink to the floor in 4 to 6 feet).  Ozone concentration levels never exceed EPA standards on inhalation, as the human breathing zone is essentially 100% relative humidity which destroys Ozone molecules.

User Instructions

Note these first of its king COVIDEX are BETA TESTING DEVICES AND Please send any comments or performance issues back to the factory to improve any deficiencies.   We do know that multiple Validation studies by world authorities in respiratory protection show that the COVIDEX is extremely efficient in removing Virus sized particles from room air quickly.  If Covidex produces and static sounds simply clean the internal PLASMA ARRAY CHAMBER BY INVERTING COVIDEX A DOZEN TIMES WITH POWER OFF. You well hear glass beads  inside sliding up and down and cleaning the ARRAY TUNGSTEN WIRES inside. The static noise also helps clean  the array wires.

COVIDEX has a permanent but removable Ozone/Virus servicing filter by inverting unit, turning Covidex off and sliding up the front  foot of the Covidex you can spray bleach on the metal filter and rinse with water and dry with hair dryer . Servicing required only every month or so but use PPE or facemask to remove Ozone / Virus filter before spraying with bleach and drying.

  1. Caution  USE ONLY THE PROVIDED ADAPTER for AC 100 to 240 volts AC to 26 volts 2A 
  2. plug in AC adapter and adapter light should glow green and activate rocker switch to ON. Blue light should turn on above rocker switch showing plasma field is active. and large ion wind will be emitted from front grill of COVIDEX. Leave on 24/7
  3. Unit is now processing over 100 cubic feet per minute and removing  99% of  Virus and droplet sized particulates from ambient air in the room SILENTLY In 30 minutes almost 100% are removed from room air. The COVIDEX is selectively designed to remove from .01 to 2.5 microns Virus sized fractions which only the best HEPA filters can match and do it silently.  HEPA FILTRATION by contrast is extremely noisy and will not permit restful sleep. 
  4. The USER FRIENDLY  COVIDEX has only one speed setting  at maximum efficiency.  So set and forget and BREATHE AGAIN WITH CONFIDENCE!!

Also see our wearable units which are miniature COVIDEX with true PLASMA  GENERATING PARTICLE EXCLUSION ZONES FOR THE WEARER!

POSITION COVIDEX about a foot from any wall AND AT COUNTER OR DESKTOP HEIGHT  and away from sensitive electronics TV or computers. .


Beta Testing 

offer of 10% off listed $450.00 USD MSRP if customer will report back findings and satisfaction level with COVIDEX.


Covidex removes viruses before inhalation. See Validation study report


Please note Covidex is not a medical product!  Do not change or interrupt any medical procedure or advice of doctors!
Covidex treats the air people breathe and not the people. It does not claim to analyze, cure, prevent,  or mitigate any disease!