Wein Products Inc presents: The Wein “FINGER”
May, 2024

Wein Products Inc presents: The Wein “FINGER”

Wein Products INC proudly presents our latest innovation! The Wein “FINGER”! What is the “FINGER?” The “FINGER” is an AI designed universal general purpose suction cup, miniature electronic FINGER screen activator module compatible with most smartphones, tablets, or touchscreen devices!

Why an external hardware electronic FINGER rather than a digital software or Bluetooth wireless device? There are many types of screen activator available and to the tech savvy computer experts there are software programs for sale. But some can compromise computer security depending on the source. Our easy-to-use external low-cost suction module for continuous screen activating works on most smartphones, tablets, or touchscreen devices.

Why suction cup instead of clip on bulky constant pressure screen activators?  Suction cups distribute pressure more evenly across a larger surface area preventing long term damage to the screen reactivation zone.  It is much less likely to leave marks or scratches on the screen or disrupt the oleophobic coating on the screen.


Why the Wein "FINGER?"

  1. Safe screen suction cup attachment, removal, very stable vacuum adhesion, no pressure, or damaging adhesives.
  2.  Software Bluetooth screen activators can be unstable, difficult to understand or use by your average person. Requires latest operating system and sellers may gain access to your computer through hacking. These software programs generate a small dot or arrow that may be difficult to position properly for the elderly or others with disabilities.
  3. Our general-purpose screen activator are great for users with disabilities such as arthritis and those requiring assistance with various applications. The “FINGER” automatically activates the screen while reducing strain.
  4.  Miniature size fits most screens, and the latest operating systems are not required.
  5.  Uses very low power USB with supplied USB cord.
  6.  Made in the USA and powered by AI for repetitive screen activation for data entry. Great accessibility tool by non-technical users and is a valuable assistive.
  7.  Great for all types of security cameras but please check with their terms of service before using!
  8.  Easy to remove suction cup! Just use the pick supplied to place underneath the suction cup to easily pop it off without harming the screen.


Tips for safe suction cup attachment and removal:

To attach: Clean both screen and suction cup before attaching and moisten suction cup slightly to improve grip.

To remove: Use the supplied pick and place underneath the outer perimeter of the suction cup. The suction cup pops right off without harming the screen.

Position the rubber pad on the “FINGER” over the reactivation zone on your screen and press down gently on the lager top rubber pad to seal the vacuum grip on the “FINGER”. The reactivation zone is usually centered on the screen but readjust to suit.

How to mirror to TV:

Note: In I-Phone control center swipe up to get to the mirror imaging icon (2 Screens overlap) then select TV type listing shown there to start mirroring, eliminates finger!


Operating instructions and general information for the Wein electronic “FINGER” for general repetitive screen use such as:

  1. Computer data repetitive entries
  2.  Computer Gaming
  3.  Constant real time live monitoring of security cameras
  4. Continuous business surveillance against shoplifting
  5. Remote property management
  6. Continuous live real time screen reactivation with no timeouts.
Please make sure all terms of service for these uses are followed!*


Most modern touchscreens are treated with a nanocoating that repels or reduces the adhesion of germs, oils, fats, food, saliva, fingerprints, blood, DNA, smudges and most other contaminants deposited on these surfaces by human hands fingers and coughs or sneezes!  However, this protective touchscreen treatment can be compromised by constant or repetitive pressures and human fingers which reduce smoothness and touchscreen human interactions.

The Wein “FINGER” instead uses specialized touchpads and gentle instantaneous air vacuum suction to protect the sensitive screen ativation zones from these challenges. It is still a good idea to wash your hands thoroughly and clean your touchscreens to help keep frequently used screen touchpads at peak performance!

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