Second Hand Cigarette Smoke
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October, 2012

Second Hand Cigarette Smoke

The EPA announces nearly 100 Million People are breathing particulates daily. 


Regarding Second Hand Smoke:

Second Hand Smoke has been classified by the EPA as a "Group A" human carcinogen meaning there is no safe level of exposure! We at Wein Products support the efforts by Americans For Nonsmokers' Rightsto bring this important safety message to you.

DISCLAIMER: "No air filtration or air purification system has been designed that can eliminate all the harmful constituents of secondhand smoke.  A reduction of the harmful constituents of secondhand smoke does not protect against the disease and death caused by exposure to secondhand smoke.  The U.S. Surgeon General has determined secondhand smoke to cause heart disease, lung cancer, and respiratory illness."


Position Statement on Second Hand Smoke

Dear Mr. Alpert,

Wein Products has been at the forefront of innovating safe and effective environmental technologies for many years In this effort we have been assisted by Dr. Sergey Grinshpun's excellent team of dedicated scientists at the University of Cincinnati School of Environmental Health Sciences who have tested and validated our products in their toxic aerosol risk assessment laboratories. The studies have been peer reviewed and published in respected journals worldwide . Two new studies completed last year on the respiratory mask enhancement effects of using our equipment have also been accepted for publication. His laboratories are used by most Federal Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Agencies and he has been a keynote speaker at Homeland Defense Conferences.

Our ionic air purification equipment has been comparison tested against other manufacturers in Dr. Grinshpun's laboratories and in some notable cases is ten times more effective than a leading national brand.

Even so, while air purification technology is rapidly gaining ground and while our systems have been shown in Dr. Grinshpun's laboratories to substantially (98%) reduce the concentrations of all aerosols from .04 (virus sized) to 3 microns. This includes a large portion of the components in second hand smoke.
This reduction cannot protect users of our equipment nor anyone else's from this environmental toxic carcinogen since any exposure is dangerous to human health.

Classification of second hand smoke as a type "A" aerosol toxin makes this a very tough nut to crack but we are working on it.

Please let me know how we can support your humanitarian efforts .

Stan Weinberg
Chairman & CEO

Wein Products Inc.
Weinberg Family Charitable Trust

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