Reaction to New Study Uncovering Safety Concerns with Ionic Air Purifiers
March, 2021

Reaction to New Study Uncovering Safety Concerns with Ionic Air Purifiers

Study uncovers safety concerns with ionic air purifiers

We recived this letter asking for our response to this article:


The market for air purifiers is booming, but a new study has found that some air cleaning technologies marketed for COVID-19 may be ineffective and have unintended health consequences.

The study, authored by researchers at Illinois Tech, Portland State University, and Colorado State University, found that cleaning up one harmful air pollutant can create a suite of others.1


It is about time the authorities started to regulate our industry which we started over 20 years ago!  We are going to  incorporate this article on our website!   We are the only supplier of  ionic air cleaners that is COMPLETELY VALIDATED RESEARCHED PUBLISHED AND PEER REVIEWED BY WORLD AUTHORITIES IN RESPIRATORY PROTECTION AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI SCHOOL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE!  See our website and studies over 5 years of validations in environmental test chambers used by EPA, NASA CDC, OSHA  etc. under strict scientific protocols.  The attempted copiers are just winging it hopefully to not be caught as they cannot back up their ludicrous claims of efficacy, PLease note that our claims are limited to lowering the concentration of infectious toxic or allergenic airborne pollutants and contaminants and thereby lowering the risk of compromising human health .  WE claim no medical reduction of disease such as COVID. This is in accordance with Dr. Judith Macher in her seminal  work "BIOAEROSOLS  ASSESSMENT AND CONTROL". A Government publication All our research has been submitted to the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISION for approval and they have used our data to extract cease and desist agreements from various manufacturers  by painful CONSENT DECREES WHICH INCLUDES RECALLS!

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