Mounting Evidence Suggests Coronavirus is Airborne

Mounting Evidence Suggests Coronavirus is Airborne

Authentic Wein® Air Purifiers Can Help

Now that Covid-19 is being recognized as a potential airborne hazard- with micro droplets under 5 microns in size that can remain airborne and travel great distances- you must not only wear a mask but make sure you are in a well ventilated area to avoid inhaling an infectious dose. In a recent article from the New York Times by Apoorva Mandavilli, “It’s Not Whether You Were Exposed to the Virus. It’s How Much.” 

“It’s clear that one doesn’t have to be sick and coughing and sneezing for transmission to occur,” said Dr. Dan Barouch, a viral immunologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. 
Larger droplets are heavy and float down quickly — unless there’s a breeze or an air-conditioning blast — and can’t penetrate surgical masks. But droplets less than 5 microns in diameter, called aerosols, can linger in the air for hours.
“They travel further, last longer and have the potential of more spread than the large droplets,” Dr. Barouch said.
Three factors seem to be particularly important for aerosol transmission: proximity to the infected person, air flow and timing. 
A windowless public bathroom with high foot traffic is riskier than a bathroom with a window, or a bathroom that’s rarely used. A short outdoor conversation with a masked neighbor is much safer than either of those scenarios.”1

Online you can find hundreds of wearable air purifiers that claim to protect you from Covid-19. However, cheaply manufactured air purifiers, sold by mail order companies in the United States for a significant markup, can actually deposit Covid-19 on exposed skin, hair and clothing, leading to infection. Without production of ion wind, as well as an electrostatic exclusion zone, these devices are not addressing the three factors mentioned in the article that should be considered to avoid transmission of an infectious dose of Covid-19.

Wein® is the inventor and originator of the advanced Air Supply® AS-300R personal air purifier!  This rechargeable air purifier, with 28 hours of run time per charge, is ultra lightweight, wearable and propels cleaner, fresher and healthier air into your personal breathing zone. Created especially to help sufferers who want to breathe more easily when they travel. Ounce for ounce the AS-300R outperforms the competition and is top of the line in personal air purification. With an advanced plasma discharge design, the AS-300R comes with solid platinum emitter and stainless steel grid. This Air Supply® Rechargeable also comes with a breakaway strap for user safety.

In addition to wearing a mask, Wein® products including the Air Supply and two Minimate models, can substantially counter all three hazards. The air purifiers create an intense ion wind to provide effective isolation distancing, lowering the concentration of Covid-19 exposure. Wein® Viramask, an antibacterial face mask, plus the electrostatic charging and exclusion zone, tends to counter exposure time. Ventilation and covid concentration reduction is one of the key factors in lowering the risk of airborne viral infection!

In the same article, Dutch researchers at the University of Amsterdam found that even the smallest breeze is effective at lowering Covid concentration and infectious doses. By using a special spray nozzle to simulate the expulsion of saliva droplets, then tracking their movement, “the scientists found that just cracking open a door or a window can banish aerosols.” The Air Supply AS300R produces over 90 ft/min. in counter airflow against airborne pathogens.

Observations from two hospitals in Wuhan, China, published in April in the journal Nature, determined much the same thing: more aerosolized particles were found in unventilated toilet areas than in airier patient rooms or crowded public areas.1

Wein® wearable air purifiers can provide critical ventilation around the mouth, nose and eyes, including on the mask’s surface, of more than 50 ft/min. of purified ionizing airflow against airborne Covid virus anywhere you go. None of the inferior air purifiers can do this because they don’t have the dynamic, cleansed airflow of the Wein® units. Some of these units actually require you to place a conductive neck cord around your neck that makes you part of the electrical circuit. This is not safe!


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1It’s Not Whether You Were Exposed to the Virus. It’s How Much.
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