Innovators of Advanced Environmental Products from Emerging Technologies

Wein Products is an independently owned company that has been creating innovative products to help purify the air you breathe since 1964. Stan Weinberg created the first wearable ionic air purifier to help people with breathing difficulties due to airborne hazards.

Our latest air purification system features ionic air purifiers that are filter-less, virtually ozone-less and excel at cleaning the air of particles that comparable air filters may miss, such as smoke, fumes, bacteria, viruses and odors wherever you travel. These products include the Vortex Ionic Air Purifier for your home, Sanimate Ionic Air Purifier for your bathroom, Automate Ionic Air Purifier for your car and our newest wearable, personal Air Supply® Rechargeable.

We test and validate new technologies and work with eminent independent scientists from leading universities and research institutes to make products that are safe, effective and affordable. We are continuing advanced research into environmental pollution control systems for air, water and food safety.

Before creating air purification products, our professional photographic accessories division produced the first handheld flash synchronized flashmeters, battery-less micropowered slaving devices and non-polluting Wein cell battery replacements for mercury photo batteries. Although we no longer develop photographic accessories, we still sell Wein cell batteries.

Below are some of our patents:

"if you can't breathe nothing else matters."

Stan Weinberg

Stan Weinberg

Chairman & CEO

Stan is a member of Tau Beta Pi, The Engineering Honor Society, which is the nation’s second oldest honor society, founded at Lehigh University in 1885 to mark those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship as students in engineering.

Stan has innovated and pioneered technologies in many diverse fields including environmental health and safety as well as biochemical countermeasures defense. He holds multiple patents and has pioneered the development of consumer products from residential light dimmers to professional digital photo imaging devices.

Stan has an Honors Bachelor of Science degree from UCLA Engineering and is often referred to as Doc Stan (Honorary) because of his constant involvement with professionals in the medical field.

Christina Weinberg

Christina Weinberg

Senior vice president

As the Senior Vice President of Wein Products, Christina is in charge of sales, marketing and purchasing.

Christina is a graduate of UCLA and started her career in education, teaching gifted children. When she met Stan, she transferred her skills to collaborate on his engineering developments.

Stan and Christina serve on advisory boards of various hospitals and charitable organizations. Together they have innovated advanced environmental products from emerging technology to enhance and protect human health.

Christina considers herself a francophile and in her off time is involved in a French club.

Virginia Garcia

Virginia Garcia

Senior Office Manager

Virginia Garcia is the office manager. She is responsible for ensuring excellent customer service, billing/accounting, as well as freight and logistical operations.

In her free time Virginia loves spending time with family and her 2 sons.

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