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Publications and Presentations by The University of Cincinnati Group on the evaluation of ionic air purification and enhancement of the respirator performance by unipolar emission plus, CRS mold, Dr. Donald P. Dennis MD. FACS (Updated May 3, 2005).

1. Lee, B.U., Yermakov, M., and Grinshpun, S.A. (2004) Removal of Fine and Ultrafine Particles from Indoor Air Environments by the Unipolar Ion Emission, Atmospheric Environment, 38:4815-4823.
Wein AS150MM (FAB) and VI-2500 Ionic Air Purifiers were found efficient in removing fine and ultra fine particles from indoor air of a typical room.

2. Lee, B.U., Yermakov, M., and Grinshpun, S.A. (2004) Unipolar Ion Emission Enhances Respiratory Protection Against Fine and Ultrafine Particles, Journal of Aerosol Science, 35(11):1359-1368.
Respiratory protection of N95 and Surgical Masks enhanced significantly by use of Wein VI-2500 Vortex Ionic Air Purifier.

3. Grinshpun, S.A., Mainelis, G., Trunov, Adhikari, A., Reponen, T., and Willeke, K. (2005) Evaluation of Ionic Air Purifiers for Reducing Aerosol Exposure in Confined Indoor Spaces, Indoor Air, in print.
The AS150MM (FAB), VI-2500 Automate and Sanimate were shown to significantly reduce the aerosol concentration (down to virus size) in the breathing zone. Any air condition or air mixing enhanced the air cleaning effect.

4. Lee, B.U., Yermakov, M., and Grinshpun, S.A. (2005) Filtering Efficiency of N95- and R95-Type Facepiece Respirators, Dust-Mist Facepiece Respirators, and Surgical Masks Operating in Unipolarly Ionized Indoor Air Environments, International Journal for Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 5(3):27-40.
AS150MM (FAB) Minimate and VI-2500 Vortex Ionic roon cleaners were shown to significantly reduce the penetration efficiency of even the smallest viral particles by about 3000 fold for N95, R95, dust-mist respirators and surgical masks, with zero additional breathing restrictions.

5. Grinshpun, S.A., Mainelis, G., Reponen, T., Willeke, K., Trunov M.A., and Adhikari, A. (2001)Effect of Wearable Ionizers on the Concentration of Respirable Airborne Particles and Microorganisms, Proceedings of the European Aerosol Conference (Leipzig, Germany, September 3-7, 2001), Journal of Aerosol Science, 32 (Suppl.1):335-336.
The particle removal efficiency of the AS150MM Minimate (FAB) reached almost 100% in a walk in chamber.

6. Grinshpun, S.A., Adhikari, A., Lee, B.U., Trunov, M., Mainelis, G., Yermakov, M., and Reponen, T. (2004)Indoor Air Pollution Control Through Ionization, IN: Air Pollution: Modeling, Monitoring and Management of Air Pollution (Ed: C.A. Brebbia), WIT Press, Southampton, U.K.:689-704.
The data for the AS150MM Minimate (FAB) on the physical and bactericidal efficiencies of the ion emission suggest that the reduction in the indoor aerosol concentration combined with the germ inactivation can significantly reduce human exposure to indoor air pollutants. This reduces the risk of adverse health effects.

7. Grinshpun, S.A., Lee, B.U., Yermakov, M., and McKay, R. (2004) How to Increase the Protection Factor Provided by Existing Facepiece Respirators Against Airborne Viruses: A Novel Approach, Proceedings of the European Aerosol Conference (Budapest, Hungary September 5-10, 2004), Journal of Aerosol Science, EAC issue, 2:1263-1264.
VI-2500 Vortex Ion generator significantly enhances respiratory mask protection against virus-size aerosol particles.

8. Lee, B.U., Yermakov, M., and Grinshpun, S.A. (2003)Evaluation of the Ionic Air Purification Efficiency by the Electrical Low Pressure Impactor (ELPI), Program Addendum to the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Aerosol Research – Late Breakings (Anaheim, California, U.S.A., October 20-24, 2003), LB20.
AS150MM Minimate (FAB) and VI-2500 Vortex Ion Generators demonstrate significant air purifying efficiency and removed about 97% of even virus sized particles in a room sized indoor test chamber.

9.Grinshpun, S.A., Lee, B.U., and Yermakov, M. (2004) Indoor Air Purification by Ionic Emission, Abstracts of the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition (Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., May 8-13, 2004), #71, 18.
Operation of Wein AS150MM Minimate (FAB) VI-2500, Automate, Sanimate in a room sized test chamber reduced even virus sized airborne particles by a factor of almost 30.

10.Grinshpun, S.A. and Reponen, T. (2004) Respiratory Protection Against Airborne Biological Agents: A Novel Approach to Enhance the Efficiency of Facepiece Respirators, Abstracts of the Special Symposium “Perspectives on Biodefense: Science, Politics and Practice” (Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A., October 29-30, 2004), A13.
Wein AS150MM Minimate (FAB) should make a crucial difference with respect to exposure and health risk against air borne biological agents.

11.Grinshpun, S.A. (2004) Respirator Performance with Infectious Agents, Abstracts of the CDC Workshop on Respiratory Protection for Airborne Infectious Agents (Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., November 30 – December 1, 2004), 3.1.
The AS150MM Minimate (FAB) can enhance the performance of existing medical masks against infections agents.

12. Dr. Donald P. Dennis M.D. FACS Ent (2003) Treatment of Allergy Fungal Sinusitis by Decreasing the Environmental Fungal Load. Archives of Environmental Health July 2003 (vol58 (no7) pages 433 to 441
Wein AS150MM (FAB) and VI-2500 were found to be 800% better in reducing mold colonies than that required to achieve sinus health.

13. Byung Uk Lee1 , Mikhail Yermakov, Sergey A. Grinshpun (2005) Filtering Efficiency of N95- and R95-Type Facepiece Respirators,
Dust-Mist Facepiece Respirators, and Surgical Masks Operating in Unipolarly Ionized Indoor Air Environments

14. Anna Balazy, Mika Toivola, Tiina Reponen, Albert Podgorski, Anthony Zimmer, and Sergey A. Grinshpun (2005) Manikin-Based Performance Evaluation of N95 Filtering-Facepiece Respirators Challenged with Nanoparticles. Adobe Acrobat File

15. Shu-An Lee, Atin Adhikari, Sergey A. Grinshpun, Roy McKay, Rakesh Shukla, Haoyue Li Zeigler, and Tiina Reponen (2005) Respiratory Protection Provided by N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators Against Airborne Dust and Microorganisms in Agricultural Farms. Adobe Acrobat File